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Post  Wahuato on Tue Aug 26, 2008 9:28 pm

Hello all,

Name is wahuato. Im an unguilded PvE Arms warrior experianced in 2/5 hyjal and 3/9 BT, geared. I have all the gear for it, all im missing from prior content is a trinket (DST/TT/BC) but the trinkets I have now are fine. I strive to be awesome at my class, but im also laid back and fun. I've been looking for a guild in Hyjal and beginning BT, so your guild sounds perfect Very Happy

I raid 33/28 PvE arms spec (Swords). I have 2020 ap completely unbuffed (So thats about ~2200 as fury) @ 31.99% crit, hit capped. Been doing specifically PvE arms for about 5 months, before that I played fury and prot, so I am also experianced in those as well, though I love arms. I was talking to someone in your guild, and you raid on perfect days.

Im willing to do a few raids with you to test me out if youre willing to give me a shot. You wont be dissapointed.

Im also a 375 JC/375 Miner and have an alt thats 373 Engineering.

Hopefully I hear from you soon!



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