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Starting Information
My real name is Tim, I'm 37 and still love gaming. I have a Great Job as a District Manager for Burger King, which allows for me to be able to do the things I like to do. I love to laugh and have fun while on vent, so be prepared for that Laughing .

OK, now on with the answering:

Do you have a Microphone? Yes
Do you have Ventrillo Installed? Yes
Do you talk on Ventrillo? Yes

Character Information

Character Name: Healingunow
Character Class: Priest
Current PvE Spec: iDS/Holy
Are you willing to respec if required? Sure, I would respec to full CoH, however I enjoy and am more versed on iDS for raiding.
Current Professions: Tailoring 375, Enchanting 385 (have Mongoose, Executioner, Steelweave, spell dmg and healing enchants, etc.)
Are you willing to change professions to min/max the raid/character? No, I am not willing to change my professions. I have spent way too much gold on these two and I feel as though they benifit my class and my spec. (sorry Crying or Very sad )

Are you the Original Owner? Yes
Previous Guilds: Gankaholics (friend's Guild - Disbanned), Interlude (briefly for SSC & TK exp. - Disbanned), Knights of Injustice (another friend from Gankaholics started this guild, so I joined to help him and the guildies gear up in Kara)
Reasons for Leaving Previous Guilds: Ganks (Disbanned), Interlude (Disbanned), Knights of Injustice (left to pug with Moagim (Legacy)/Savaana (Nocturne) in PUG raids to get end game experience so I could get into an end game guild (Like, The Orphanarium). I have pugged with many top end guilds and guildies including some from The Orphanarium, Nocturne, Havoc, etc.

Non-Orphanarium References: Moagim, Savaana, Daultin, Holyshox, Selishina, Sacrosancts, Trackinu, Tomtcat, Wompally, Airrider, Trigoat, etc.
Orphanarium References: Pallythis, Laids (Snorlax), Chronox and Wahuto

Armory Profile Link:

Desired Gear: List all gear currently in game that you're still after in order of priority - Gavel of Naruu Blessings and any T5/T6 gear that is an upgrade.

Do you have any resist gear? Just the Violet Badge (Arcane Resist)

Secondary Characters: List all alts that you actively play. Algros (70 BM Hunter), Gethalyn (70 Prot Pally)

World of Warcraft Experience

PvE Experience: Minimal/Familiar/Extensive - Extensive
Hardest boss you have defeated: Probably Rage Winterchill in Hyjal or Supremus in BT
PvE Explanation: Explain your experience in PvE Content. I have done all of Kara/some SSC/some TK/some BT and some Hyjal.

Additional Questions

Reasoning for Joining The Orphanarium, over say another guild: I enjoy playing with good peeps, like Laids and Pallythis. I have been told that The Orphanarium is a good guild and I heard you might be in the market for a good Healer.

Expectations: To be able to experience end game material, while continuing to advance my toon through gear enhancements, while being treated with respect and having lots of laughs on Vent.

Order of Importance
(Please list from 1 to 5, 1 being the most Important)

1 Fun
2 Challenge
3 Content Exploration
4 Loot
5 Friendship

What is a Priest's role in an end game instance? If Holy, keep the raid alive. If iDS, Keep my focused heal on target while assisting raid healer with heals and/or dispels.

What is the difference between a good and bad Priest? A Good priest knows what heals to cast at the appropriate time. A renew here, a greater heal there, the occasional Flash Heal, etc. A Good priest also uses his Shadow Fiend to replensih their own mana supply in battle. A bad priest is any individuals that does not know their class. I leveled this toon from level 1 as Holy all the way to 70, so that I knew my class and spec completely. This plan allowed me to be re-invited many times to pugs and raids, as I am a competent healer that can help any raid be successful.

Please briefly explain how a Priest should equip himself for PvE. How should each statistic (eg. Intellect, Crit%, Spell Hit%, Defense, Spell Damage, etc...) be considered, and why? Holy/iDS priests need +heals and +spirit. + heals are obviuos, + spirit is for MP5, as this is needed to ensure that I do not run out of mana.

If a 25-man PvE raid group had three Priests, how would you spec each of them? Explain. I would have 1 iDS and 2 CoH. the iDS to help casters with Improved Spirit and the 2 CoH to heal raid.

A Priest is often tasked with ensuring his teammates' survival or returning mana and health as Shadow. In a raid PvE encounter, what can a Priest do to ensure his own survival? I use Inner Fire to increase my armor, Fade to get rid of aggro if I pull any, Shield if needed and renew my self if I lose HP.

Dispelling is often just as important as healing in certain PvE situations. Please explain how you balance your dispelling and other duties. A Good priest knows how to balance Dispelling while keeping his target or targets alive. I have all targets on my UI to ensure I know who needs what.

Holy Priests: When healing in raid-PvE, what spells and ranks do you most commonly use? When do you use them and why? Begining of battle I use Prayer of Mending on the tank and immediately hit Renew. The I flash heal and/or greater heal depending on the amount of damage being taken. If there is AOE damage being done, the I also use my Prayer of Healing occasionally if the other raid healers need an assist (which acts like a CoH, except I'm iDS, so i dont have CoH).

Well I hope you consider my application. I heard this guild is a real class act and look forward to meeting some new peeps and helping all further experience end game.
Peace Very Happy


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Re: Application

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get me free whoppers and i have no objection!


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Re: Application

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Laughing Bribing to get into guild, LOL, hadn't thought of that.


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Re: Application

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