Boldog, Elemantal Shaman

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Boldog, Elemantal Shaman

Post  Boldog on Sun Sep 07, 2008 10:46 pm

Do you have a Microphone? Yes
Do you have Ventrillo Installed? Yes
Do you talk on Ventrillo? Rarely

Character Information

Character Name: Boldog
Character Class: Shaman
Current PvE Spec: Elemental
Are you willing to respec if required? Once in a while, sure
Current Professions: Miner, Engineer
Are you willing to change professions to min/max the raid/character? Guess it depends on the new profession.

Are you the Original Owner? Yes
Previous Guilds: Semantics, Nocturne
Reasons for Leaving Previous Guilds: Stoped Raiding

Non-Orphanarium References:
Orphanarium References: Nir, Danri might remember me from way back in semantics, same with Winto and Ravez, and Laids

Armory Profile Link:
just incase I logged in my pvp set, I'm 952 damage, 66 to hit, %27.22 crit, 178mp5, 8.4k hp and 9.3k mana

Desired Gear: List all gear currently in game that you're still after in order of priority: Antonidas's Aegis of Rapt Concentration Schematic: Lightning Etched Specs are at the top of my list, the rest goes down quickly from there.

Do you have any resist gear? full shadow for mother shahraz, some arcane.

Secondary Characters: List all alts that you actively play. Moriquende, affliction lockMeyers, prot warriorCharra

World of Warcraft Experience

PvE Experience: Minimal/Familiar/Extensive: most of mc and naxx, everything in outlands up to attempts on Kalecgos
Hardest boss you have defeated: Kael'thas
PvE Explanation: Explain your experience in PvE Content. Healed about every fight and instance in Outland. DPS'd as Elemental all of Hyjal and Black Temple

Additional Questions

Reasoning for Joining The Orphanarium, over say another guild: The Guild tag plays a big part in it. (love that cartoon)
Expectations: To continue to raid, bored with instances, pvp, and badge farming.

Order of Importance
(Please list from 1 to 5, 1 being the most Important)
_2_ Friendship
_5_ Loot
_4_ Content Exploration
_1_ Fun
_3_ Challenge

Class-specific Questions

Please respond to your class' section. Complete it based on your desired raiding spec. If you are unsure of spec, contact a Orphanarium officer for availability, or complete sections for multiple specs. You may delete other class' sections from your application.


What is a Shaman's role in an end game instance? Support class.

What is the difference between a good and bad Shaman? Having totems down, the right totems based on group make up vs the ones that support only them selves or none at all.

Please briefly explain how a Shaman should equip himself for PvE. How should each statistic (eg. Intellect, Crit%, Spell Hit%, Defense, Spell Damage, etc...) be considered, and why? Some of it depends on spec. Since i'm elemental, I'll go off of that. Int is needed for all three spec's. not so much for enhancement, but it's still needed. Elemental needs crit for the long fights (cheaper casts talent). to hit is a given (a missed hit is a wasted attack). as long as we have something to hide behind, defence is no big deal.

List three totems that are important to a Shaman. Please briefly describe how these are used to benefit the raid. tremor totem (fear = bad). wrath of air and totem of wrath makes for happy locks/mages. windfury and stregnth or earth makes melee happy.

Under what circumstances should a Shaman use Reincarnation? the final percentages of a boss kill. or after a wipe and no soul stone

When healing in raid-PvE, what spells and ranks do you most commonly use? When do you use them and why? mostly used chain heals when i was resto

Restoration Shamans: When healing in raid-PvE, what spells and ranks do you most commonly use? When do you use them and why? woupd sometimes spam rank one healing wave on the tank. just for the armor buff on crits and the for the stacking buff makes healing wave heal more.

Enhancement Shamans: What is your spec's roles in the raid group? Why should we include an enhancement Shaman in the raid?

Elemental Shamans: What is your spec's roles in the raid group? Why should we include an Elemental Shaman in the raid? as noted, wrath of air and totem of wrath makes for happy casters. but mainly we can heal with some degree of affectiveness by simply clicking/hitting a different key. no changing forms. no running clear if needed (we're already ranged). one or two chain heals can save a fight.


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