Craftable Hunter Equipment

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Craftable Hunter Equipment

Post  Aynia on Tue Jul 29, 2008 12:46 pm

Hey, hunters! I figured I'd start a post about some of the game's best craftable PvE hunter items, since they're often a bit easier to obtain than raid drops. Please comment and post any additions you might have!

Bind on Equip Items

1. Belt of the Black Eagle (Waist, Leatherworking)


  • 2 Nether Vortex
  • 4 Heavy Knothide Leather
  • 10 Primal Air
  • 10 Wind Scales
  • 2 Rune Thread

An awesome belt. I've basically been wearing this since I hit 70, and have yet to encounter a suitable replacement. Platewalrus recently obtained this pattern from SSC, so I encourage you to bother him about crafting it.

2. Bindings of Lightning Reflexes (Wrist, Leatherworking)


  • 4 Heavy Knothide Leather
  • 4 Primal Air
  • 4 Primal Water
  • 12 Wind Scales
  • 4 Heart of Darkness

I actually had no idea that these were craftable until the pattern dropped in Hyjal last week. They have haste. Enough said. Go bug Platewalrus about crafting this one, too.

Bind on Pick-up Items

1. Surestrike Goggles v2.0 (Head, Engineering)


  • 6 Heavy Knothide Leather
  • 1 Khorium Power Core
  • 2 Hardened Adamantite Tube
  • 4 Felsteel Stabilizer
  • 1 Primal Nether
  • 2 Nightseye

Orphan and I both rock a pair of these. Yes, the upgraded version of the goggles (v3.0) is better, but unfortunately that pattern drops off of Sunwell trash. Therefore, these are a tad more feasible.

2. Bloodmoon (2H Axe, Blacksmithing)


  • 1 Mooncleaver
  • 5 Nether Vortex

Personally, I don't know much about this two-handed axe because I'm not a blacksmith. However, I've heard that it's great for hunters, so I figured I'd throw it up here. If anyone can offer any actual insight on this one, please let me know.


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Re: Craftable Hunter Equipment

Post  Cadeia on Wed Jul 30, 2008 3:48 am

oooh the belt looks really nice. Smile


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