How to get to heal Kara fast

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How to get to heal Kara fast

Post  Opeili on Wed Jul 16, 2008 4:51 am

For any holy priests interested, here's the fastest way to get geared to run Kara as a holy priest without doing any heroics.

Collar of Command - Auch Crypts Shirrak (66)
Hallowed Crown - Arc Skyris (70)

Karja's Medallion - Shutting Down Manaforge Ara (67)
Choker of Fluid Thought - Arc (70)

Pauldrons of Sufferance - Durn Epoch Hunter (68
Hallowed Pauldrons - Shad Lab Vorpil (70)

Cloak of Whispering Shells - SV Hydromancer (68
Avian Cloak of Feathers - Sethekk Ikiss (68
Cloak of Scintilating Auras - Arc Zereketh (70)

Watcher's Tunic - Forge Camp: Annihalated (66)
Hallowed Garments - Shad Lab Murmur (70)

Shatrath Wraps - The Soul Devices (Shad Lab) (68

Hallowed Handwraps - Shat Halls Bladefist (70)
Prismatic Mittens of Mending - Bot Sarranis (70)

A'dal's Gift - How to Break Into Arcatraz (67)

Pants of the Naaru - Special Delivery to Shattrath City (67)
Hallowed Trousers - Seth Halls Ikiss (70)

Slippers of Serentity - Crypts Exarch (65)
Jeweled Boots of Santification - Shat Halls O'Mrogg (68
Light Woven Slippers - Seth Halls (68

Celestial Jewel Ring - Hitting the Motherlode (67)
Spiritualist's Mark of the Sha'tar - Battle of the Crimson Watch (68
Kharmaa's Ring of Fate - MgT Kael (70)
Cosmic Lifeband - Mech Sepethrea (70)

Lower City Prayer Book - Lower City Revered (70)
Scarab of the Infinite Cycle - BM Aeonus (70)
Bangle of Endless Blessings - Bot Warp Splinter (70)

Soul Wand of the Aldor - Shad Lab Hellmaw (68

1H Mace:
Moghor's Annoiting Club - Ring of Blood: The Final Challenge (65)
Lightsworn Hammer - Shat Halls Bladefist (70)
Hammer of the Penitent - Mech Capicitus (70)
Battle-Mace of the High Priestess - MgT Priestess (70)

Hortus' Seal of Brilliance - Shat Halls Bladefist (70)
Lamp of Peaceful Repose - Arc Dalliah (70)
Manual of the Nethermancer - Mech Sepethrea (70)

Ironstaf of Regeneration - Crypts Exarch (65)
Serpentcrest Staff of Life - Steamvaults Mekigeneer (68
Epoch Mender - BM Temporus (68

Basically, there are several main instances that a holy priest gearing up for Kara will run ad nauseum to get the necessary gear. Fortunately, most of them are for lower city rep so after a few run throughs for the best gear, the rep will build itself to buy the prayer book trinkets. Although there are other trinkets with nice bonuses, nothing at this point in the game compares to the prayer book. Two can be equipped, the cooldown is shared, but for many priests gearing up for Kara the 140 healing from both is usually 15% increase in total heals. In my opinion, the total amount of minimum heals to run Kara is 3750. This can be spread out between two or three healers, but I would say that if one healer has less than 1000 heals, the other two need to have at least 1500 heals each. A priest with a combination of the aforementioned gear should have between 900-1100 heals and will get 1-shotted in Kara. However, barring a stupid mistake, this priest won't be pulling healing aggro. The best role for this priest is shackle, dispel duty, keeping renew up on tanks (including blue beamers in Netherspite), and topping of the raid with flash heal and prayer of mending.


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