70 warlock applying to guild

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70 warlock applying to guild

Post  elindon on Wed Jul 09, 2008 9:29 pm

i couldent find a guild recruitment area so i decided to leave one where someone would most likly find it. i have +1051 SD and have expierence raiding with everthing up to TK on other chars. on this one ive done kara, gruuls, mag, and ZA. i am hit capped because of my 4 points in suppression. i am also speced for raiding affliction 44/0/17 because of malediction and 17 in destro.

armory link...i know im wearing green gloves. i left my other guild because it was falling apart. we couldent even get it together to do a kara run when we were scheduled for SSC.

i also know lavantas in game, he is the one who refered me to the orphanarium.

hope you send me an inv Smile


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