Shamannibal - Resto Shammy application

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Shamannibal - Resto Shammy application

Post  Shamanni on Tue Sep 02, 2008 9:04 pm

Starting Information

Do you have a Microphone? Yes
Do you have Ventrillo Installed? Yes
Do you talk on Ventrillo? Yes

Character Information

Character Name: Shamannibal
Character Class: Shaman
Current PvE Spec: Restoration
Are you willing to respec if required? Yes
Current Professions: None
Are you willing to change professions to min/max the raid/character? Yes

Are you the Original Owner? Yes
Previous Guilds: Know Your Role, Interlude, Contempt
Reasons for Leaving Previous Guilds: Forced, the guild broke.

Non-Orphanarium References: Rios
Orphanarium References: Wahuato, Avarene, Chronox

Armory Profile Link:
(may be pvp gear, I'll try to make sure to log in pve gear)

Desired Gear: Tier 6 Restoration set, sunwell epic upgrades

Do you have any resist gear? No

Secondary Characters: Barberic (Gorefiend, lvl 70 Warrior), Useful (Gorefiend, lvl 30+ Mage)

World of Warcraft Experience

PvE Experience: Extensive
Hardest boss you have defeated: The Lurker Below
PvE Explanation: Mostly ZA, I've done other lower raids, highest is up to/including Gruul's Lair, Magtheridon's Lair, Zul'Aman, Serpentshrine Caverns

Additional Questions

Reasoning for Joining The Orphanarium, over say another guild: The guild has a good reputation on the server, and raids are very well organized
Expectations: An organized, efficient, and coordinated guild

Order of Importance
(Please list from 1 to 5, 1 being the most Important)
_4 Friendship
_2 Loot
_3 Content Exploration
_1 Fun
_5 Challenge

Class-specific Questions


What is a Shaman's role in an end game instance? Chain Heal (restoration), Party damage buff (Enhancement), Bloodlust at appropriate time.

What is the difference between a good and bad Shaman? A shaman that worries about the raid (good) as opposed to a shaman that worries only about themselves and the tank.

Please briefly explain how a Shaman should equip himself for PvE. How should each statistic (eg. Intellect, Crit%, Spell Hit%, Defense, Spell Damage, etc...) be considered, and why?
Intellect should be enough to carry at least a 10k mana pool, healing spell crit % should be roughly around 10-12%, defense shouldn't matter as long as the shaman has more than 10k hp, +heals are extremely important, but for a shaman, spell haste and mp5 are more important than with other classes.

List three totems that are important to a Shaman. Please briefly describe how these are used to benefit the raid.
Windfury - over all most damage output per totem, in a melee group
Mana Tide - used at the appropriate time will give healers as well as dps a large boost in damage output and sustainability
Grounding Totem - mostly for pvp, but used in pve as well to absorb large damage spells, if timed right, can save the party, as well as the shaman, from a gratuitous amount of damage

Under what circumstances should a Shaman use Reincarnation? If all druid battle resurrections are on cooldown, and it's extremely crucial to the completion of the encounter at hand (usually when the raid leader calls for it)

When healing in raid-PvE, what spells and ranks do you most commonly use? When do you use them and why? Chain Heal (Rank 5) used when large clusters of players are at moderate to high health and need to be topped off, Lesser Healing Wave (Rank 7), used when primarily tank, a healer, or another player is below 30%, used to allow enough time for a Healing Wave (Rank 12) to land, allowing a large boost in hp, while retaining mana efficiency.

Enhancement Shamans: What is your spec's roles in the raid group? Why should we include an enhancement Shaman in the raid? An enhancement shaman provides a 10% damage increase to the entire raid upon a critical strike, which is very large, especially for 25-man raids. An enhancement shaman also will provide improved weapon totems, which will greatly benefit a melee group, as well as an additional bloodlust, which will boost the entire party with a very large haste increase.

Elemental Shamans: What is your spec's roles in the raid group? Why should we include an Elemental Shaman in the raid? An elemental shaman is a great background dps class, which can sit back and efficiently spam lightning bolt which does large amounts of damage, as well as provide totems and bloodlust, like the other specialty shamans.

Well that's my application. Thank you for taking the time to read it, I hope you're satisfied with it, as well as with me, and look forward to raiding with you all in the future!


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