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Application - Warlock

Post  Avarene on Tue Aug 26, 2008 10:46 pm


Names Melissa (or just Mel) my character is a warlock and im currently in Malicious Intent. Im currently aff but I do switch with sl/sl for pvp. I've done full clears in mags, gruuls, za, kara, and have done most of TK and SSC, and 2/5 in hyj. Been in BT only did trash unfortunately though Sad . I have taken my character as far as I can until I can find a guild with proper raids. My current guild, I find there raid times are scattered and sketchy on start times. My biggest disappointment in guilds is lack of organization, when a time is set I come well prepared with flasks and everythign I need for my character and I would expect the same from other guildies. Im a laid back raider but at the same time Im not so laid back that I cause problems, I just pay attention and play smart. My main raiding spec for now is aff with 41/1/19, and I get about 1.35k+ sdmg on self buffs depending on which gear I have on, for pvp sl/sl I can get up to 1.53k+ sdmg.

I have full tailoring, enchanting and first aid.
Im willing to do a few raids with you to test me out if youre willing to give me a shot. You wont be dissapointed.

Thanks for reading all, hope to hear good news Very Happy



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